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Aeronautical Design Standard, United States Army Aviation and Missile Command - Source Approval and Engineering Test Requirements for Alternate Sources of Helicopter Drive System Assemblies and Components

1.1 This Aeronautical Design Standard (ADS) specifies Source Approval and Engineering Test
requirements for alternate sources of helicopter drive system assemblies and components.

These requirements are necessary to insure that an alternate source has the advanced
manufacturing and assembly skills required to produce these complex parts. Completion of
these requirements before contract award is necessary to reduce procurement risk associated with
overcoming technical issues with first-time producers of these parts. Fielding of parts before the
capabilities of the alternate source is substantiated could result in failures and/or early removals
in the field, which may significantly impact the safety and reliability of the weapon systems they
are used on. These requirements are based on the requirements used to qualify the original
source of the part. The requirements specified in this ADS must be substantiated by a candidate
alternate source before they will be approved to bid on a contract for that part.

3.1.3 When a component listed in Attachment 1 is an assembly (i.e., it contains other
components) the alternate source must become approved to produce those parts used in that
assembly which are not being procured from approved sources. The alternate source must meet
the requirements specified in this ADS for all of the components they produce themselves and
for which they have not previously been given approval. They must also meet the requirements
specified in this ADS for the assembly itself. Components which are assemblies of other parts
are listed in Attachment 1. When the design of a component listed in Attachment 1 is controlled by a Source or
Specification Control Drawing (SCD), the candidate alternate source shall provide their detail
design drawings for review and approval. Complete and specific qualification requirements and
a detailed statement of work shall be provided to the candidate alternate source after their design
drawing is approved. For SCD parts, qualification of the design as well as of the manufacturing
and/or assembly process is required. Components controlled by Source or Specification Control
Drawings are identified in Attachment 1.

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