Abbott Aerospace SEZC Is a leader in the provision of engineering services for aircraft engineering development and certification. Our training courses are based on practical knowledge and experience gained over many aircraft programs and helping many clients.

Richard Abbott has over 25 years experience in aerospace product development. He has consulted for and advised many established and emerging companies: Piper, Mooney, Marenco Swiss Helicopter, Glasair, Diamond Aircraft, Solarship, Stratos Aircraft, Otto Aviation, Icon Aircraft, Samad Aircraft, DeLorean Aerospace, ALP, Bombardier, Boom, UMS Skeldar, PV Labs & Elsevier. Richard is the author of “Analysis and Design of Composite and Metallic Flight Vehicle Structures” and hundreds of analysis tools that are used all over the world. He teaches courses in Engineering Management and Structures Engineering at the University College of the Cayman Islands.

We can devise specific training courses in structures and mechanical systems design, analysis and compliance based on our wide experience over many programs. Why learn from your own mistakes when we can help you avoid common problems and you can learn from our broad experience gained from multiple manned and unmanned aircraft projects.
We also offer training in technical management and risk management aimed at aircraft project and technical managers. You need the best leadership and it is better to use your in house talent and make the most of the existing tribal knowledge – you already have great people and you want to maximise their potential.

We can host the training at our facility on the beautiful island of Grand Cayman or we can travel to a location of your choice.

Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements and find out how we can help you improve the performance of your team, streamline your certification process and avoid costly program problems.

Training Courses Offered

  • ENG-01: Composite Structures Engineering

    • ENG-0101: Design and Analysis

      Design for manufacture, impact on tooling and manufacturing cost, good design practice, core or black metal?, appropriate level of design definition, integration of design and analysis, allowable values and what they mean, material linearity, analysis techniques and their implications.

    • ENG-0102: Certification

      Issues with composites certification, philosophies that work, the important of the compliance plan, impact on design and analysis, the building block approach, building confidence with the team and the certification authority

    • ENG-0103: Repairs

      Common methods, equivalent strength/stiffness approach, limitations of the OEM structures repair manual, bolted, bonded or laid up in place, secondary structure vs primary structure

  • ENG-02: Metallic Structures Engineering

    • ENG-0201: Design and Analysis

      Fabrication vs Machining—a case study in cost vs weight, buckling vs non buckling structure—implications and solutions, integration of the analysis and design functions

    • ENG-0203: Repairs

      Common methods, equivalent strength/stiffness approach, limitations of the OEM structures repair manual, doubler design and good practice

  • ENG-03: Engineering Management

    • Project design and structure basis in product design and structure, Supply chain management, Development Cost and Cashflow, Compliance, environmental management
  • ENG: 04: Engineering Ethics

    • Codes of Conduct, responsibility, normative ethics, utilitarianism, logical fallacies, group psychology, social cost-benefit analysis