• naca-rm-e51g24 Resolution of Annealing Experiments for the Study of Nonequilibrium States
  • naca-rm-e51g23 Force and Pressure Characteristics for a Series of Nose Inlets ...
  • naca-rm-e51g26 Effect of Angle of Attack and Exit Nozzle Design on ...
  • naca-rm-e51g27 Secondary Flows in Annular Cascades and Effects of Flow in ...
  • naca-rm-e51g30 Performance of a Cascade in an Annular Vortex Generating Tunnel ...
  • naca-rm-e51g31 Preliminary Investigation of Molybdenum Disulfide – Air-Mist Lubrication for Roller ...
  • naca-rm-e51h02 Analytical Investigation of Ram Jet Engine Performance in Flight Mach ...
  • naca-rm-e51h06 Analytical Investigation of Flow Through High Speed Mixed-Flow Turbine
  • naca-rm-e51h08 Investigation of a 24-Inch Shock-In-Rotor Type Supersonic Compressor Designed for ...
  • naca-rm-e51h14 Experimental Investigation of Air Cooled Turbine Blade in Turbojet Engine ...
  • naca-rm-e51h09 Flame Velocities Over a Wide Composition Range for Pentane-Air, Ethylene-Air, ...
  • naca-rm-e51h13 Aerodynamics of Slender Bodies at Mach Number of 3.12 and ...
  • naca-rm-e51g24 Resolution of Annealing Experiments for the Study of Nonequilibrium States
  • naca-rm-e51g23 Force and Pressure Characteristics for a Series of Nose Inlets ...
  • naca-rm-e51g26 Effect of Angle of Attack and Exit Nozzle Design on ...
  • naca-rm-e51g27 Secondary Flows in Annular Cascades and Effects of Flow in ...


The Part 23 Update and the Aircraft Developer – That Means You!

Last year I wrote a few posts on the part 23 update: http://www.abbottaerospace.com/faa-part-23-revamp-good-or-bad http://www.abbottaerospace.com/further-thoughts-on-the-astm-part-23-update http://www.abbottaerospace.com/final-thoughts-on-the-astm-part-23-update I submitted a letter to the FAA as part of the consultation process: http://www.abbottaerospace.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/AA-FAA-2016-001.pdf The new set of regulations was established as a ‘final rule’ at the
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The Cost of ‘Professional’ Software and What to Do About It

As the owner of a small engineering service company, one of our major costs is software. This represents an investment cost and of course the ongoing cost of that most honorable of all con games -
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Circular Properties – Segments and Sectors

Over the last couple of weeks I had to generate some circle segment and sector section properties - this spreadsheet calculates the area and the position of the centroid of circular segments and sectors. You can download it
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What to do about Microsoft – Revisited

You can read the original post here. There is customer service and then there is Microsoft customer service. Following on from the inability of Microsoft to transfer an Office 365 account between countries I received an email notice from Microsoft
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What to do about Microsoft?

It seems that once a month I end up writing some rant about a piece of software. Believe me, this is not my intention but once a month something essentially stupid happens with a piece of
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Updated Part 23 Simplified Loads Sheets

These methods are only applicable to simple, traditional aircraft configurations. Part 23 Appendix A should be read in its entirety to fully understand the context of these loads methods.
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Founded in Ontario Canada in 2008, Abbott Aerospace started helping modification programs and aircraft startups with composite structures development. As we grew we added new competencies and experience and now we cover clean sheet configuration to certification management of composite and metallic structures, mechanical systems, landing gear and loads engineering.

Within each discipline we have broad knowledge and operate from kit aircraft to part 25 commercial aircraft. We have also gained experience of unique platforms such as powered parachutes, wing in ground effect vehicles, supersonic transport aircraft and semi dirigible flying wings.


We Enjoy Bringing The Best Engineering And Project Decision Making To Any Aerospace Development Program

Abbott Aerospace Engineering Services

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We help aerospace companies create, modify, and fly unique and exciting aircraft. From clean sheet design to certification and in-service support, no other engineering service provider can match our competence and experience.

We train and mentor our clients’ in-house engineering teams. We also help our client create internal methods, processes and entire engineering systems – all supporting the goal of type certification and production certification and a safe and economical aircraft product.


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The Abbott Aerospace Technical Library brings together our PDF reference library of Technical Papers & Reports, analysis spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel, Excel add-ins MArket Information and Analysis, and other references and tools we have created or discovered.

We have made this material available for free for a number of years. We reached over 250,000 downloads in 2015 and now average 1000 downloads per day. We realized that our information service deserved a better platform. We launched the technical library to meet this need and it is now a donation-driven service, free to everyone.

In 2015 we relocated our corporate operations and key staff to the Cayman Islands to take advantage of the unique business environment, IP protection aspects and to be able to attract the best people. It gives our clients an extra reason to come and see us. We offer world class conference facilities and an exceptional environment for any meeting or review.

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