New Analysis Spreadsheets – Combined Tension and Flexure of Beams

New Analysis Spreadsheets – Combined Tension and Flexure of Beams

We have been working out way through the beam analysis methods of in the NASA-TM-73305. analysis manual. This latest set of spreadsheets is for combined tension and flexure of simple beams and have been authored by my talented daughter
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Correction to Textbook – Threaded Fasteners

Correction to Textbook – Threaded Fasteners

Many thanks to Surya Batchu for the following correction to our free textbook. At the top of Page 91 of the textbook the phrase "The interaction equation for fasteners loaded in the unthreaded shank is:" should read
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A Risk Review of Aerial Urban Mobility Vehicle Concepts

A Risk Review of Aerial Urban Mobility Vehicle Concepts

We have developed a tool for risk analysis for Aerial Urban Mobility Concepts and have ranked the Top 5 design concepts using this unique risk analysis method. The spreadsheet tool and white paper are made freely available
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Stratos Wing Test

Stratos Wing Test

This article first appeared in the December 2017 edition of our free newsletter, to subscribe click here   In December I flew to Redmond Oregon to spend some quality time with the Stratos Aircraft project. Nirav Shukla and I have worked on the
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Prototypes and Archetypes

Prototypes and Archetypes

This article first appeared in the November 2017 edition of our free newsletter, to subscribe click here We have had the good fortune to work on many programs when they are in the early stages of development. This
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Airports and Idiots

Airports and Idiots

This article first appeared in the December 2017 edition of our free newsletter, to subscribe click here So we flew back from Canada to Cayman after Christmas. I travel a lot; to and from the US, Canada, Europe
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Founded in Ontario Canada in 2008, Abbott Aerospace started helping modification programs and aircraft startups with composite structures development. As we grew we added new competencies and experience and now we cover clean sheet configuration to certification management of composite and metallic structures, mechanical systems, landing gear and loads engineering.

Within each discipline we have broad knowledge and operate from kit aircraft to part 25 commercial aircraft. We have also gained experience of unique platforms such as powered parachutes, wing in ground effect vehicles, supersonic transport aircraft and semi dirigible flying wings.


We Enjoy Bringing The Best Engineering And Project Decision Making To Any Aerospace Development Program

Abbott Aerospace Engineering Services

  • Composites
  • Loads Engineering
  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • Stress Analysis
  • Structures Design
  • Certification

We help aerospace companies create, modify, and fly unique and exciting aircraft. From clean sheet design to certification and in-service support, no other engineering service provider can match our competence and experience.

We train and mentor our clients’ in-house engineering teams. We also help our client create internal methods, processes and entire engineering systems – all supporting the goal of type certification and production certification and a safe and economical aircraft product.


Let Us Reduce Your Technical and Financial Risk.

The Abbott Aerospace Technical Library

  • Technical Papers & Reports
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
  • Market Analysis & Information
  • Analysis Tools

The Abbott Aerospace Technical Library Contains 16,855 Documents.

The Technical Library Relies On Generous Contributions From Our Users. Please Help Us To Maintain, Expand and Improve The Library By Making A Donation. A Donation Of Any Amount Is Greatly Appreciated

The Abbott Aerospace Technical Library brings together our PDF reference library of Technical Papers & Reports, analysis spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel, Excel add-ins MArket Information and Analysis, and other references and tools we have created or discovered.

We have made this material available for free for a number of years. We reached over 250,000 downloads in 2015 and now average 1000 downloads per day. We realized that our information service deserved a better platform. We launched the technical library to meet this need and it is now a donation-driven service, free to everyone.

In 2015 we relocated our corporate operations and key staff to the Cayman Islands to take advantage of the unique business environment, IP protection aspects and to be able to attract the best people. It gives our clients an extra reason to come and see us. We offer world class conference facilities and an exceptional environment for any meeting or review.

Registered Office
First Caribbean House
P0 Box 1990, KY1-1104
George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Cayman Project Office
Baytown Plaza
68 West Bay Road, PO Box 10315, KY1-1003
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Canadian Project Office
637 Hurontario Street
Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 2N6 Canada

Our Passion Is Commercial Viability And Engineering Excellence. Contact Us To Find Out More.