My experience of using AI is relatively limited. I use it to generate artwork, logos, and occasionally for graphic design. I also use it to assist with writing, but in a minor capacity, primarily for ...

EVTOL White Paper – Section 1: Technical

EVTOL White Paper - Section 1: Technical

This is an early draft of the first section of three sections - spit into technical, commercial and compliance - non referenced images are all AI generated.

Almost every eVTOL aircraft is ...

The Death Of Commercial Art

The Death Of Commercial Art

For the white paper on eVTOL I put together I decided to use AI generated art. Finding copyright free images is always difficult and I did not want to use pictures of actual eVTOLs ...

Lost In Scotland

Lost In Scotland

One of my clients, ARC Aero Systems, has been part of a project to examine the use of Cargo UAVs as an infrastructure component in the north of Scotland.

ARC has a ...

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Founded in Ontario Canada in 2008, Abbott Aerospace started helping modification programs and aircraft startups with composite structures development. As we grew we added new competencies and experience and now we cover clean sheet configuration to certification management of composite and metallic structures, mechanical systems, landing gear and loads engineering.

Within each discipline we have broad knowledge and operate from kit aircraft to part 25 commercial aircraft. We have also gained experience of unique platforms such as powered parachutes, wing in ground effect vehicles, supersonic transport aircraft and semi dirigible flying wings.


The Abbott Aerospace Technical Library

Technical Papers & Reports, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, Market Analysis & Information, Analysis Tools

Technical Libaray

The Abbott Aerospace Technical Library brings together our PDF reference library of Technical Papers & Reports, analysis spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel, Excel add-ins, Market Information and Analysis, and other references and tools we have created or discovered.

Our library material is available for free. We reached over 750,000 downloads in 2018. We have improved the library many times and it depends on your donations for maintenance and upgrades.

The Technical Library Relies On Generous Contributions From Our Users. Please Help Us To Maintain, Expand and Improve The Library By Making A Donation. A Donation Of Any Amount Is Greatly Appreciated

The Abbott Aerospace Technical Library Contains 17,005 Documents

2,356,424 Total Library Downloads

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We help aerospace companies create, modify, and fly unique and exciting aircraft. From clean sheet design to certification and in-service support, no other engineering service provider can match our competence and experience.

We train and mentor our clients’ in-house engineering teams. We also help our clients create internal methods, processes and entire engineering systems – all supporting the goal of type certification, production certification and a safe and economical aircraft product.


Our Passions Are Commercial Viability And Engineering Excellence