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Project Management of GFE Flight Projects

NASA-EAWI023RC Project Management of GFE Flight Projects


This work instruction defines the project management processes and associated products for the definition, planning and
implementation of GFE Flight Development Projects. These processes and products are defined in association with
specific life cycle phases. For each phase, required prerequisites, processes, products, and control gates are documented.
In addition, this work instruction defines project configuration management, project contract procedures, and templates
for key products and forms.


This work instruction is applicable to GF E Flight Development Projects managed by a division or office within the
Engineering Directorate, including Engineering Directorate Support Contracting, as described in section 7.3.3. GF E
Flight Development Projects contain flight hardware, firmware and/or software, including flight vehicle core systems,
crew equipment, payloads, advanced flight systems, and flight experiments that require design and implementation
work. Hereafter, this work instruction will refer to GF E Flight Development Projects as simply “GF E Flight Projects”.

COTS GFE Flight Projects are defined in EA—WI-002 and the implementation of those projects is covered by EA-WI-
002 Appendix C. COTS GFE Flight Project implementation is not a part of the scope of this work instruction.

This work instruction is applicable to project management processes and products for all life cycle phases of a GF E
Flight Project, beginning with feasibility assessment and continuing through flight certification, deployment and
operations. The planned approach for exceptions to this work instruction is described in section 7.4. Section 7.4 may be
applied due to size, schedule, cost, or other circumstances for any project.

This work instruction supports the processes defined in NPG 7120.5A, "NASA Program and Project Management
Processes and Requirements" and EA-WI-OOZ, “Project Approval and Implementation Procedure”. The traceability of
this work instruction to J SC SLP 4.4 “ Design Control” is found in Appendix C.

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