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Appendix E; Models and Tools

NASA-CEH-APP-E Appendix E; Models and Tools

Appendix E: Models and Tools

E.1. Model and Tools Introduction

There are a variety of estimating tools and models available for NASA cost and schedule analysts to use
in developing an estimate. This appendix provides a reference to the primary tools available to implement
the principles and strategies discussed in other sections of this handbook. NASA makes available a
package of models and tools for its cost and schedule user community that includes tools that NASA has
sponsored, and other commercially available tools for which NASA provides licenses. These models and
tools are summarized in Table E-1, indicating which estimating methodology they may be applicable for,
as well as where they are typically used in the project life-cycle.

NASA Cost Estimating Handbook Version 4.0

The body of knowledge required for gaining expertise in usage of these models and tools can vary
greatly, and providing instructional aid for all models and tools referenced here is beyond the scope of
this appendix. There is a summary of cost models that address risk in Appendix G, Section G.4. There is
also a summary of Schedule Estimating Relationship (SER) models and tools in Appendix K, Section K.4.

If additional information is sought, the NASA Cost Analysis Division, your Center cost leadership, or the
tool developer or proprietor can provide assistance in application of a particular tool. Contact CAD with

any questions at

E.2. Agency-Provided Tools and Models

The NASA Cost Analysis Division (CAD) leads the development, dissemination, and improvement of
NASA-sponsored cost and schedule estimating tools and sponsors Agency-wide licenses for key vendor-
provided tools. CAD works closely with tool vendors on new enhancements with inputs. CAD
standardizes tool use and maximizes efficiency for NASA by establishing Agency-wide licenses that allow
programs and projects to complete required cost estimation work without additional expenditure of funds.
Additionally, CAD has, in cooperation with Center cost organizations, originated a number of in-house
models and tools that are readily available to the user community. For access to these tools, please
access the ONCE Portal at, or contact CAD at

E.2.1. NASA-Sponsored Models and Tools

PCEC: The Project Cost Estimating Capability (PCEC) is an initiative sponsored by CAD and Marshall
Space Flight Center Engineering Cost Office to provide robust and consistent analytical capability to the
NASA cost and schedule communities. PCEC is based on parametrics and is intended to be the one-stop
shop for cost and schedule estimating capability.

Historical NAFCOM functional capability will be replaced by PCEC framework. These include WBS
templates, Cost Estimating Relationship (CER) statistics, weight-based CERs, multivariable CERs,
learning curve reports, systems test hardware cost, schedule estimating, and time phasing. Other
capabilities (to include the NASA Instrument Cost Model (NICM) and QuickCost) will migrate towards
integration within the PCEC framework. Historical,
current, and future research capabilities will also be PCEC replacing NAFCOM
incorporated into the PCEC framework.

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