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Software Engineering - Vol I; It's Development and Standards

Software engineering is a relatively new discipline 
whose development has been shaped by the increasing demand 
for its product. Because of the pressures created by this 
demand, software engineering has evolved very rapidly; 
however, its development has been subjected to very little 
of the critical analysis required to indicate where future 
development and standardization are needed. This study 
therefore represents a first attempt at drawing together 
many of the general concepts of software engineering and 
related information as an initial step in the refinement 
of the discipline of software engineering. 
The objectives of this study were (1) to evaluate the 
maturity of the software development process and its 
accompanying standards, (2) to project future developments 
in its evolution, and (3) to identify specific areas re— 
qui ring standards and the means for achieving that stand— 
This study was conducted as a top—down analysis of 
the factors which define the development of the software 
engineering discipline. A cornmon sequence of phases which 
can be used to classify the functions performed in all 
engineering disciplines was first defined (Chapter 2) , and 
the role of standards in the development process of an 
engineering discipline was studied (Chapter 3). The evo— 
lution of software engineering and its present status
were then examined in light of the structures developed 
in the first two steps (Chapter 4) as a basis for 
evaluating its maturity and projecting probable future 
directions in software engineering (Chapter 5) . 
Based on 
the preceding steps, each software engineering phase was 
dissected into its unit inputs, and the current avail— 
ability of those inputs was determined; from this analysis, 
a list of specific areas requiring standards was developed 
(Chapter 6) . 
Chapter 7 outlines the steps required to 
achieve the recommended standardization, and Chapter 8 
summarizes the study conclusions. 
A list of organizations participating in software 
engineering standardization and of relevant reference works 
was developed in performing the above steps. Appendix A 
lists participating organizations. The bibliography (Appen— 
dix B) presents a wide variety of works, including standards, 
discussions of methodology, and subject—oriented articles. 
Short abstracts are provided to identify the subjects dis— 
cussed or standardized. Volume 11 of this report provides 
a list of individuals who are participating in software 
engineering standardization.


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