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Engineering Design Handbook - Timing Systems and Components

ms handbook presents both theoretical and practical data pertaining to 
design methods and procedures for timing systems and devices. The subjects 
covered are precision reference timers, electronic timers, mechanical timers, 
pyrotechnic timers, flueric timers, and a few others. 
Prepared as an aid to military designers, this handbook should also be Of 
benefit to scientists and engineers engaged in other related research and 
development programs or who have the responsibility for the planning and 
interpretation Of experiments and tests concerning the performance Of 
materiel related to timers. 
The handbook was prepared by The Franklin Institute Research 
Laboratories, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was written for the Engineering 
Handbook Office of Duke University, prime contractor to the US Army 
Materiel Command. Its preparation was under the technical guidance and 
coordination of a special committee with representation from various 
agencies of the US Army Materiel Command. 
Engineering Design Handbooks fall into two basic categories, those 
approved for release and sale, and those classified for security reasons. The 
US Army Materiel Command policy is to release these Engineering Design 
Handbooks in accordance with current DOD Directive 7230.7, dated 18 
September 1973. All unclassified Handbooks can be obtained from the 
National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Procedures for acquiring 
these Handbooks follow:


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