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Northrop-U.S. Air Force F-5E Aircraft Fatigue Structural Integrity Program

The Northrop Corporation, Aircraft Division's F—5E air superiority fighter has 
successfully completed a comprehensive Aircraft Structural Integrity Program 
(ASIP), including a flight flutter and flight loads survey program, and a 
static test and fatigue test program. The primary objective Of the ASIP Master 
Plan Vas to insure that the aircraft's structural design would operate satis- 
factorily When subjected to the conditions associated with air- to—air combat 
and air- to—ground weapon de Livery in peactime and in hostile environments. The 
F—5E fatigue program was formulated during a transition phase Of fundamental 
change in USAF Aircraft Structural Integrity Program Philosophy. Therefore, 
this program was primarily structured to meet existing requirements while util— 
izing state—of-the—art techniques in fatigue analysis and fracture mechanics. 
The fatigue program consis ted Of three phases: Load spectra and loading sequence 
development; a complete airframe flight-brflight fatigue test; and a counting 
'service Loads recording program for aircraft operated by the 
United States Air Force. The service life design objective Of 4,000 f Light hours 
Vas demonstrated by the successful completion Of the fatigue test in February 
1975, when four I {fetimes (16,000 hours) Vere achieved. This paper is primarily 
concerned With a description Of the fatigue program With only brief discussions 
devoted to the Other aspects Of the overall Aircraft Structural Integrity Program.


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