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Engineering Design Handbook - Helicopter Engineering; Part I - Preliminary Design

The Helicopter Engineering Handbook forms a part of the Engineering Design 
Handtxx)k Series which presents engineering data for the design and construction of 
Army equipment, 
This volume, AMCP 706-201, Preliminary Design, is Part One of a three-part Engi- 
neering Design Handbook titled Helicopter Engineering Along with AMCP 706-202, 
Detail Design and AMCP 106-203, Qualification Assurance, this part is intended to set 
forth explicit design standards for Army helicopters. to establish qualification require" 
ments, and to provide technical guidance to helicopter designers in both the industry 
and within the Army, 
This volume. AMCP 706-201. discusses the characteristics and subsystems which 
must be considered during preliminary design of a helicopter. Additionally, possible 
design problems encountered during helicopter design are discussed and possibie solu- 
tions suggested. The volume is divided into 14 chanters and is organized as described 
in Chapter l, the introduction to the volume. 
AMCP 706-202 deals with the evolution of the vehicle from an approved preliminary 
design configuration. As a result of this phase, the design must provide sumcient detail 
to permit construction and qualification of the helicopter in compliance with the 
approved detail specification and other requirements. Design requirements for all 
vehicle subsystems also are included in AMCP 706002. 
The third volume of the han&ok, AMCP 706-203, defines the requirements for 
airworthiness qualification of the helicopter and for demonstration of contract compli- 
ance. The test procedures used by the Army in the performance of those additional tests 
required by the Airworthiness Qualification Program to be performed by the Army also 
are described.


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