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Conference on Aerospace Transparent Materials and Enclosures

This report was prepared by the Materials Fngineering Branch under 
Project 2202, "lrnproved Windshield Protection" and Project 7381, "Mate- 
rials Application, Task 738106, t 'Materials Engineering and Design Data 
for Air Force Weapons Systems. It was administered under the direction 
of the Air Force Materials Laboratory, Air Force Systems Command. 
Mr. S. A. Marolo (AFML,nvfXE) served as Project Engineer. 
The technical papers contained in this report were presented at the 
Ai— Force Mate rials Laboratory/ Air Force Flight Dynarnics Laboratory 
Conference on "Aerospace Transparent Materials and Enclosures, which 
was held at the Atlanta Internationale Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, on 18-21 
November 1975. 
Gratitude and appreciation is expressed to Mr. Robert E. Wittman, 
AFFDL/FEW. and Mr. Joseph Militello and Mrs. Audrey Sachs, University 
of Dayton for the excellent job accomplished as Conference Technical Co- 
ordinator, Conference Administrator, and Conference Secretary, respec- 
tive!y. Gratitude is also expressed to Mr. George Peterson, Director, 
Air Force Materials Laboratory and Colonel Albert Preyss, Director, Air 
Fore Flight Dynamics Laboratory for their introductory remarks and most 
importantly for their support of the Conference and their expressed concern 
and support of this technical area. 
The report was submitted by the author on 10 March 1976.
defects experienced on civil aircraft can be 
listed under two main headings: Electrical and Structural. Following 
the R'Bt.on and accidents involving crew incapacitation due to 
smoke/fumB entering the flieht deck, it is hardly surprising Bone 
pilots considered it necessary to submit flight safety reports after 
experiencing transparency electrical defects that had cnereted smcke/ 
runes in flight deck. 
majority of electrical defects are associated with a 
breakdo*n of heating film. In at least one case thie has been 
brought about by a away" condition of a temperature controller. 
With oæ noticeable involving a small executive 
aircraft there have been no significant structural failtæeg of 
transparencies fitted to civil aireraft, but the introduction Of 
chemically toughened glass increased the probability of 
following hail encounter.


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