Latest News

  • Welcome to the New Website
    Those of you who have visited us before will have noticed we have a new website – many thanks to Mike at inifitech. We have updated and expanded both the spreadsheets and the public domain reference section . In the ...
  • At last – some new sheets!
    We have created two new little sets of spreadsheets – one set is 4 spreadsheets that use polynomial curve fits to match a function to a number of specific points (rather than a trendline through a cloud of points that ...
  • Corrected version of AA-SM-016 Round Steel Tubes
    Hat Tip to Steve Higgins РSteve found an error in the radius of gyration calculation in the spreadsheet above. We have uploaded a corrected version here. Thanks Steve!
  • Intersection of line with Circle
    We have been creating a kinematic analysis for a client. As part of that effort we have had to generate several general solutions for geometric problems – one of which is a general solution for the intersection of a line ...
  • Tension Clips
    Just uploaded a new version of AA-SM-027-002 Nui method tension clips to the spreadsheet page. This now has machined L-Clips included also a method for increased fastener load due to the moment effect carried by the fastener and a check ...


Abbott Aerospace Inc. works with clients across North America to define development and certification programs from the ground up. We rescue, remove risk and realign existing Aerospace programs.

FE-Model-1Our experience includes kit aircraft, single and twin propeller general aviation aircraft, high performance part 23 aircraft, part 25 transport category and military aircraft. From sheet metal and CNC machined metallic structures to cutting edge composite airframes, from primary airframe structures to custom interiors. We provide the complete solution for your program.

Our mission is to use our experience and knowledge to help you define and meet your needs in the most efficient way possible.

Our passion is driving engineering projects to successful conclusion in the least time and least cost. Integrating our multi-disciplinary experience with your in-house team helps you resolve design, certification and manufacturing issues early in the design cycle.

Contact us to see how we can help you streamline and expedite your aircraft development work.