I have been working on the new sections for our free engineering textbook and over the weekend I began writing the chapter for stress tensors (principal stresses, Von-Mises) and failure envelopes (Maximum principal Stress, Von Mises, Tresca).

As a report writing stress engineer you seldom get the chance to stop and consider how these measures of stress came about – and for those of us a significant distance from our college years the reason for using these methods and how they came about can blur somewhat….

This weekend was a very useful refresher for me and I updated and created some new spreadsheets to accompany the new sections for the book. As always, we share those with you.

This set is not yet complete – I have yet to create and upload the Tresca envelope, – but it is Monday morning and a good time to share what we have done.

These spreadsheets fit into the AA-SM-041 series that also include the calculation of shear stress distributions over common cross sections.

Let us know what you think and if you spot any errors be sure to let us know so we can share the corrected versions.

AA-SM-041-000: Stress Analysis – 2D Principal Stresses
AA-SM-041-001 Stress Analysis   3D Principal Stresses
AA-SM-041-020 Stress Analysis – 2D Von Mises Stress
AA-SM-041-021 Stress Analysis – 3D Von Mises Stress
AA-SM-041-025 Stress Analysis – Von Mises Stress Rectangular section, No Torsion
AA-SM-041-026 Stress Analysis   Von Mises Stress Rectangular section, Incl. Torsion
AA-SM-041-027 Stress Analysis – Von Mises Stress Circular Tube section, Incl. Torsion
AA-SM-041-030 Stress Analysis – Mohrs Circle