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Sophia (with Mike’s help on the Website) has completed the conversion of our textbook to a live HTML version. You will find that under the ‘Textbook’ item in the menu there are two options ‘Online version’ or ‘Download’

When you click on the ‘online version’ you will be taken to this link https://www.abbottaerospace.com/aa-sb-001/ and see this:

The layout is straightforward with the table of content items on the left and the page content on the right, you click on any item in the LH pane and you get the contents in the RH pane

All of the referenced content and spreadsheets are linked just as they are in the PDF version of the textbook:

When we issue a new edition of the textbook we will update the online version of the book so they always match.

Each page carries a link to the pdf version of the book and a citation to the book you can use in your technical report:

All editions of the book are citable, ISBN registered and each edition of the book has an ISBN number. The ISBN number of the 3rd Edition is 978-1-5272-3825-1