Shear Buckling of Isotropic Panels – Post 4 – Panel with a Hole

April 17, 2016

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Hole effect on Plate Shear BucklingThere are limited options for dealing with a hole in a shear web. There is a often used ESDU reference for this situation. ESDU sheets are a commercial product and unless you, or your organization have paid for them, you should not use them.

There is a NASA reference that gives the same shear buckling reduction factors as the ESDU sheet (NASA-CR-132548) and also gives the experimental basis for the reduction and correlation with analysis. As with the ESDU methods the method is limited to a square shear panel with a central circular hole that has no reinforcement. We also have extrapolated the curve down to a larger d/b ratio:

Shear Buckling with hole

Further reading on this subject does indicate that this approach is appropriate or conservative for a central, circular hole in rectangular shear panels.

As usual we have created a spreadsheet for this method.

AA-SM-007-004 Effect of Central Hole on Plate Shear Buckling

Remember that the reduction effect of a hole should be applied to the elastic buckling allowable before material plasticity has been accounted for.


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