Panel Buckling Edge Rotational Restraint – Spreadsheet Method

August 5, 2016

As part of our series of buckling analysis spreadsheet methods we have defined a quantifiable method for calculating a numerical value for panel edge rotational restraint that can be used in the standard buckling analysis methods. This method draws from a theory defined in (NACA-REPORT-735, 1942) and (NACA-TN-888, 1943).

This method includes a calculation of a little used section property called the Torsion-Bending constant:

CBT Equation

where u is the unit warping of the element of area dA from a reference plane through the shear center and normal to the axis when the angle of twist per unit length  is unity

Thankfully the references give a rational method for common cross section, this calculation is included in the spreadsheet.

The Spreadsheet is available here: AA-SM-007-070

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, enjoy!

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