Aluminum Material Data, Free Spreadsheet – Full range Curves and Plastic Buckling

May 10, 2016

One of the basic building blocks of any stress analysis is material data. It is one of the 3 basic parameters of material, geometry and loads that are required for a stress analysis. I wrote the first version of the spreadsheet 15 years ago and it has been updated and improved over time. It automatically calculates the following from built in aluminum material data that can be accessed from a drop-down box.

AA-SM-000-001 Aluminum Material Data Basic Full Curves and Data

  • Shear Yield stress
  • Shape factor for Shear
  • Intercept stress for Cozzone plastic bending allowable
  • Plastic bending allowable stresses for rectangular and circular sections
  • Full range stress-strain curves for longitudinal and longitudinal-transverse direction
  • Plastic Correction for Shear Buckling
  • Plastic Correction for Plate Compression Buckling
  • Plastic Correction for Flange Compression Buckling
  • Plastic Correction for Inter-rivet and Column Buckling

It can be down loaded here


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