Textbook Update

August 6, 2016

In the final checking stage of the creation of our Design and Analysis textbook we have changed the structure of the book. The intent of this change is to use the content we have already created in a more comprehensive content structure. This should make the book more ‘future proof’.

The book is created and distributed (for free) in a way that allows us to make regular updates and improvements. Our current plan is to issue a new edition of the book on at least an annual basis. The risk of doing this is that changes to the text of the book may force renumbering of existing sections in the book. This would invalidate existing citations to numbered subsections of the book.

Taking this approach now means that initial editions of the book will have empty chapters. However, the chapter titles will give the reader/user an idea of the content that we will add in the future.

This may cause a delay in the final publication of the first edition, but we are working hard to get the book revised, checked and released by the end of August.

We appreciate your patience and all of the encouragement we have received so far.


Update to this post: The Textbook is now available for download here

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2 Comments on "Textbook Update"

  • I have a few questions regarding the Abbott textbook:

    How detail will the textbook be? Will it cover all the advanced technical methods that has been covered by the Excel spreadsheets including its limitations and general concepts? Or will it just give a general overview of the stress methods.

    How may I review it before I intend to purchase a copy of it?



    • If things go well we will be releasing the textbook to the mailing list subscribers towards the end of this week so you can wait to read the book itself. The book will be free – no cost. So you can review the book and see if it will be useful to you. In general terms the book will give enough background for the analyst to have confidence that the method is suitable for the situation they are considering and the book will give links to both the source reference materials and the spreadsheet methods.