Updated Part 23 Simplified Loads Sheets

March 5, 2017

While setting up a loads analysis for a part 23 aircraft we selected to use some parts of the simplified method from the part 23 appendix. In order to understand the context of the entire simplified loads-analysis we set up all of the methods for the aircraft loads, control surfaces, tab and flap loads in our standard spreadsheet form.

These methods generate the design speeds, the V-n diagrams. The spreadsheets also calculate the load per unit span and the moment per unit span around a reference axis for the aileron, elevator, rudder, tabs and flaps.

These methods are only applicable to simple, traditional aircraft configurations. Part 23 Appendix A should be read in its entirety to fully understand the context of these loads methods.

We have created a spreadsheet that contains the integrated method:

AA-SM-515-000 Loads – Simplified Part 23 Aircraft Loads – Complete.xlsx

and broken out the individual components into separate sheets:

AA-SM-515-001 Loads – Simplified Part 23 Aircraft Loads – Aircraft Loads.xlsx

AA-SM-515-002 Loads – Simplified Part 23 Aircraft Loads – Aileron Loads.xlsx

AA-SM-515-003 Loads – Simplified Part 23 Aircraft Loads – Elevator Loads.xlsx

AA-SM-515-004 Loads – Simplified Part 23 Aircraft Loads – Tab Loads.xlsx

AA-SM-515-005 Loads – Simplified Part 23 Aircraft Loads – Rudder Loads.xlsx

AA-SM-515-006 Loads – Simplified Part 23 Aircraft Loads – Flap Loads.xlsx

Hope you get some use out of the sheets – let us know what you think!

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