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Phase II Experimental Testing of Generic Submarine Model in the DSTO Low Speed Wind Tunnel

DSTO-TN-1274 Phase II Experimental Testing of Generic Submarine Model in the DSTO Low Speed Wind Tunnel

This report describes the testing of a sub—scale generic submarine model in the DSTO low—
speed wind tunnel (LSWT) during March 2012, and follows earlier experimental work
conducted in mid—2010, using the same model in bare—hull configuration [1]. The aim of
this latest series of tests, hereafter referred to as phase II, was to gather gross steady—state
aerodynamic force and moment data for the model in various configurations, that is, with
different appendages fitted. The appendages tested included a hull—casing, a fin, and four
moveable control surfaces, where each component was added separately to the bare—hull
form. This build—up approach enabled the aerodynamic influence of each component to be
quantified. The data from the wind tunnel tests together with results from computational
fluid dynamic (CFD) studies will be used by researchers to enhance their knowledge and
understanding of the complex flows around modern submarine shapes, particularly large
diesel-electric powered vessels.

This report details the experimental equipment used during the phase II wind tunnel tests,
including descriptions of the model, the test facility, and the instrumentation used to
gather the data. A section on experimental method defines the axes systems and reference
coordinates used, the data reduction methods, the corrections applied to the results, the
test conditions, and the test schedule. A sample of the data that were gathered is also
presented, and these results are briefly discussed.

The sub—scale generic submarine model was designed and manufactured to be suitable for
use in both a wind tunnel, and with minor modifications, a water tunnel. Machined from
aluminium, the bare—hull form comprises a uniform cylindrical centre—body with an
elliptical nose, and a streamlined after—body section. A number of appendages were also
manufactured (i.e. hull—casing, a fin, and four moveable aft control surfaces arranged in an
X configuration), and when fully appended, the model approximates the geometric form
of a modern diesel—electric powered submarine. Further information regarding the
hydrodynamic design criteria applied to the submarine model is presented in
Reference [2].

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