Updated Torsion of Regular Sections Spreadsheets

June 11, 2017

As part of the inclusion of a Torsion chapter in the third edition of the textbook, we have revamped and broken out the torsion of regular section analyses into different spreadsheets. This also has given us the opportunity to check and make some minor corrections. Links to the spreadsheets are below.


AA-SM-002-011 Torsion – Regular Sections – Solid Round Rod

AA-SM-002-012 Torsion – Regular Sections – Thick Walled Round Tube

AA-SM-002-013 Torsion – Regular Sections – Thin Walled Round Tube

AA-SM-002-014 Torsion – Regular Sections – Solid Rectangular or Square Bar

AA-SM-002-015 Torsion – Regular Sections – Thin Walled Rectangular or Square Bar

AA-SM-002-016 Torsion – Regular Sections – Solid Elliptical Section

AA-SM-002-017 Torsion – Regular Sections – Thin-Walled Elliptical Section

AA-SM-002-018 Torsion – Regular Sections – Solid Hexagonal Rod

AA-SM-002-019 Torsion – Regular Sections – Solid Triangular Rod

AA-SM-002-020 Torsion – Regular Sections – Circular Section with One Side Flattened

AA-SM-002-021 Torsion – Regular Sections – Circular Section with Opposite Sides Flattened

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