Sandwich Panel Compression Buckling

April 23, 2016

This is a follow on to the previous post of the FPL reports here.

We have taken the derivation for the sandwich compression panel buckling coefficient and made it available in spreadsheet form. We have also started to upload our general set of sandwich analysis spreadsheets.

AA-SM-102-003These spreadsheets are numbered AA-SM-102-XXX and include

AA-SM-102-001 – Composites – Cored Laminate Basic Stiffness Properties

AA-SM-102-003 – Composites – Determination of KM for Cored Panel Compression Buckling

AA-SM-102-010 – Composites – Cored Panel Shear Crimping

AA-SM-102-011 – Composites – Cored Panel Intracellular Buckling

AA-SM-102-012 – Composites – Cored Panel Facesheet Wrinkling

Lots more to come, including shear buckling of sandwich panels and the strength of inserts in sandwich panels.

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